About Us

Protect_DIP is a dynamic and innovative Canadian company involved in the manufacture and development of rubber coating products. Specializing in the automotive industry, Protect_DIP products are a great way to protect your accessories while adding the desired style. Our products are flexible, durable, weather resistant and can be easily removed at any time without damaged the applied surface.

Protect_DIP is THE new way to protect your auto parts.


Protect_DIP manufacturing meetsapplicable environmental andcommercial laws. The continuousimprovement procedures makes itsproducts and manufacturing processesgain in quality and performance everyyear.


Protect_DIP products have significantmarketing advantages. We also offerlaunching programs with full attractivedisplays. Our experience with this kind ofmarketing have demonstrate theprofitability of investments.

Although our company has an excellentreputation we offer the opportunity forour customers to enjoy a privatelabelling to enjoy their trademark. 


Protect_DIP provides a completecustomer service. All our customers canreach our after-sales service team overour website.

We also provide a complete guide andvideos online, to help our customers withthe use of our product. No questionsremains unanswered. 


While PROTECT DIP specializes in the automotiveindustry, we limit ourselves inany way to this field and areopen to any opportunity.

- Remember, your creativityis your only limit! Enjoy yourProtect_DIP experience. -