Anodized Series


Originally created in 1923, anodizing process was created for many reason such as a protection against corrosion and for a "non-conductive" coating. (Funny fact, this is something similar that what Protect_DIP coating can offer to!)

Back in 1960s and 1970s, anodized aluminium become very popular as architectural material.

Throughout 2010 decade, anodized finish make a huge comeback on the detail market.

It didn't took so many time before anodized finish become very popular in the automobile industry.

SEMA 2014, biggest north america show in the automotive industry, the anodized is almost everywhere!

Less than 6month later, after the hard work of our determinate team, we are proud to offer you the WORLD FIRST PEELABLE ANODIZED COATING.

PD AnodizedSeries Red


Anodized Series Red Protect_DIP Rubber Coating Aerosol (spray can) Net Wt 11oz (311g) SPECIFICATIONSSmooth and nice finish that helps t..


PD AnodizedSeries Red - Wheels Kit Box


PD Wheels Kit Box - Anodized Series Red Protect_DIP Rubber Coating Kit Include 4x Aerosols (spray can) (Net Wt 11oz (311g))- 2x PD00819 (Ano..

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